Cristiano Ronaldo goes to the bench in the Round of 16 against SwitzerlandHalftime

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In the portugal banking and in the team the authority is the technician Fernando Santoswho did not tempt his heart to leave Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench in the party of Round of 16 off switzerlandin a crucial duel for the aspirations of the Portuguese in the Qatar World Cup.

Why doesn’t Cristiano Ronaldo play TODAY?

The CR7 claim in the duel against South Korea in the Group Phase brought repercussions and for now the still gunner will be on the bench where it could be your last World Cup.

Saints has chosen to play with Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva and Gonzalo Ramos on offense, “saving” the best player in Portugal who already has five World Cups scoring at least one goal, but still unable to win the crown.

What did Cristiano Ronaldo do in the match against South Korea?

It should be remembered that Cristiano Ronaldo came out very angry of the game against Korea, when he was substituted and when he came to the bench he yelled at the DT: “You’re in a damn hurry to kick me out, fuck you!”. Shout that was recorded by television cameras and echoed among the fans of Portugal.

The Portuguese team seeks to reach the Quarter finals where Morocco is waiting for youthe team that surprised Qatar by beating the Spain national team in the Round of 16. Furthermore, the set of Cristiano Ronaldo and company also seeks to overcome this phase, where they were eliminated in the World Cup in Russia.

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