Camoranesi says that Mexican players do not want to be coachesHalf time


Wow, in the TUDN program “Los maestros” he has left some important statements and one more has been those of Mauro Camoranesiwho criticized the talented Mexican soccer players of a decade ago, who did not want to be technical directors and, incidentally, he threw the hint at Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

The former helmsman of Coras de Tepic, in what was the MX Ascent, commented that two good groups of Mexican soccer players did not want to be strategists and evaded the slogan of distributing their knowledge to young promises.

In Mexico, in two very important generations of players, not even 10 percent wanted to be a coach and I’m not talking about players that nobody knows. You asked why there are few Mexican technicians.”

In addition, without saying names, he pointed out what the other personalities do and threw a stone at Blanco, recalling that Camoranesi played and directed in the MX League.

“If we take the account of important players that are ours and the one before us. We are talking about 30, 35 well-known players, who have had a very important career and who If we start to do the math, one is a governor, the other works on television, another wanted to be a sports director, the other wanted to be a manager, the other representative”.

Chepo de la Torre refuted Camoranesi’s comment

José Manuel de la Torre assured that not all footballers come out with the ability to transcend on the bench and each one tries to do better from their respective trenches.

“You have to see the profileNot all of them become First Division coaches. There are coaches who are very good but for youth or they are very good managers,” he said.

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