Alexi Lalas to Cristiano: “MLS is better for your brand than Saudi Arabia”

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo staying focused on the Qatar 2022 World Cup, The Portuguese attacker has no team once the tournament is oversince Manchester United terminated his contract for a controversial interview with the British presenter Piers Morgan.

an offer of Saudi Arabia is tempting the Portuguese, however, the MLS dreams of being able to convince the Portuguese attackersince that would be a bombshell for the North American league, which seeks to continue making soccer grow four years after the World Cup is going to be played in North American territory.

Despite the fact that everything indicates that ‘CR7’ will go to Arab lands, Alexi Lalas sent a message to the former Real Madrid striker and pointed out that for someone who cares a lot about his image, Arabia is a league where you can lose.

“For a guy who is so concerned about his brand, and he certainly has more money than he can make, it’s kind of weird for him. For 200 million dollars you will solve it, but I think the alternative is better, earning less money, but playing and living in Miami or Los Angeles. I don’t remember the last time we heard about the Saudi Arabian league,” said Lalas.

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MLS cannot compete financially

Lalas acknowledged that the United States will not be able to convince Cristiano with big billsHowever, it can offer a better quality of life and greater reflectors even than what the Saudi Arabian league will be.

“MLS can’t compete with that kind of money, but what MLS can give you is a much bigger entry into the American market.: It’s already huge in America. For someone who has cultivated this brand over the years, that might be more appealing. We have seen it with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham, Thierry Henry or Wayne Rooney. The moments that they have from an MLS perspective go viral, they’re not completely out of sight, out of mind,” he added.

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