You won’t believe the cruel nickname given to Clara Chía Martí for hanging out with Piqué

Shakira it is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking singers in the music industrytheir great success can be attributed to their charisma, their beauty and their iconic melodies that have even been set to music the world CupUnfortunately, the Colombian artist has gone through a series of difficult moments in her life.

The interpreter of “Monotony“He has faced complicated family issues, because his controversial break with the former Barcelona soccer playerGerard Piqué, was connected with the delicate state of health of the singer’s fatherthe difficult moments that Shakira has faced have been recognized by her fans, who constantly give her words of support through social networks.

The fans of Shakirain addition to supporting the singer, they have also shown the anger they feel for Gerard Piqué, who has been harshly criticized for the decisions he has made in his personal life, however, who has been more “affected” by the resentment of the Internet users has been Piqué’s new partner, because Clara Chía Martí has ​​had to close her social networks to avoid the hateful comments she constantly received.

The 23-year-old closed her social networks to avoid hate comments related to her relationship with Piqué
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The cruel nickname that Shakira’s fans gave Clara Chía Martí

Clara Chia Marti is just a 23-year-old Spanish girl, who earned the attention of the internet by becoming the new couple of Gerard Piqué, The relationship quickly became one of the most controversial in show business due to rumors of infidelity on the part of the ex-soccer player with Shakira when they were still a couple.

Many fans and some media outlets speculated that Clara Chía Martí was the reason why the love between Shakira and Piqué ended abruptly, With the passage of time, the assumptions were confirmed by Piqué himself, this caused the internet to begin to make strong comparisons between the Colombian singer and the 23-year-old Spanish singer.

Quickly Shakira’s fans began to insult Clara Chía Martí, making strong comments regarding her appearance, in addition to questioning the morality of a young man who “supposedly” ruined the singer’s relationship, the cruelty of netizens manifested itself in the form of a cruel nickname for the Spanish, calling it “CookaraChia” in reference to a cockroach.

Currently the courtship between Clara Chía Martí and Piqué is practically consolidatedby the singer Shakira has been seen sharing moments with a 24-year-oldindicating that she has gotten over the big breakup and is possibly ready to start a new relationship


The video of Piqué scolding Shakira from a few years ago that became a trend

They report that Gerard Piqué could leave Spain with Clara Chía and this would be his new country to live

Piqué plans to live with Clara Chía in the mansion he shared with Shakira


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