Well-being and happiness at work

People are in a constant search for well-being and happiness in every facet of our lives and when the time comes to start our working life it is no exception, we want a place where these two concepts are in balance and thus allow us to have that satisfaction of a full life, however, first we must understand that well-being and happiness are not the same, well-being is what an organization can provide its employees and happiness is that which develops after achieving well-being.

As people we always want to be recognized and valued for our efforts and this is something that companies should do more regularly, since according to studies, 77% of collaborators affirm that they would feel more integrated into their work if their value were recognized as person.

A place that values ​​and watches over our well-being and happiness allows us to enjoy more of what we do, causes greater motivation, enthusiasm and love for what we do and this benefits companies in many aspects, since it is important to mention that for A company to achieve its objectives needs the help of its most valuable capital and this capital is human: collaborators, managers, operators, etc. They must feel appreciated and connected to the company, aligning their personal objectives with those of the organization.

According to a survey carried out by HAYS, the work environment and companionship represent 47% of the main reasons for satisfaction and well-being at work, so providing employees with jobs in spaces where they are in harmony, stable and without conflicts is not a easy task; however, it counts as a huge step to increase the profitability of organizations. Many companies today still consider well-being and happiness as a plus to their corporate image, but we must understand that it is not a plus, it is an obligation and a necessity! so that both companies and people develop to their full potential. What is the use of recruiting super efficient collaborators with high skills if after a while they are going to resign due to the bad treatment they receive, due to the little attention and value given to their needs? We better take care of the mental health of the collaborators and that it is their will to continue in the organization.

Next, I share some basic characteristics to start looking for well-being in your organization:

  • Have the material and equipment needed to carry out the activities required by the organization.
  • Have the opportunity to carry out the correct activities depending on the abilities and aptitudes of each person.
  • Recognition and appreciation of staff.
  • Stimulus for development
  • Active listening
  • Connect with the objectives of the company from mission and vision
  • Healthy, trusting and friendly relationships
  • Growth opportunities
  • Motivation and continuous training

The happiness and well-being of your employees is important because it affects the productivity of your company, the impact with the team and the experience of your customers. If you consider that organizational well-being and happiness is a necessity in your company, look for ways to implement strategies that help connect with these concepts and you can count on the benefits that this has for you.

organizational well-being happiness at work Live13.5 Nancy Martinez

Nancy Martinez Speaker, coach, consultant, facilitator, happiness expert and general director of LIVE 13.5, the first Organizational Happiness Consultancy in Mexico and Latin America.

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