They have already requested the stadium from the Mayor’s Office


The Grand Final of the tournament in the Honduran National League is defined. olympia Y motagua They will fight for the national soccer title. The blues go to 19 and the whites to 35.

The first battle of that series will be next weekend at the Carlos Miranda of Comayaguawhere motagua It will be home club, but for the second game there is still nothing defined.

The meringues were punished for the disturbances caused by their followers in the duel that was precisely against motagua in the Morazan stadium for regular rounds.

In the first instance they were punished with four games behind closed doors but the white club appealed and the sanction was reduced to two, which they complied with (against Real Sociedad and Marathón), however, there was a ban on playing outside San Pedro Sula.

Olympia, the return final can be played with his fans, but even with the refusal to use the Olympic and the morazan, sampedranos stadiums. However, the merengue directive continues to bid and see ways to be able to make a second appeal and thus enable the aforementioned scenarios.

Last week the secretary of the National League, Salomón Galindo, opened the debate and alerted Olimpia so that he appeals and so he can take the final to the north coast. “There is still a resource and it is that you can appeal to the Executive Committee of Fenafuth and its Disciplinary Committee but it is already a decision of the Olimpia club,” he commented.

Galindo also mentioned that: “In any case, it would be for the stadium to be enabled because this is a damage that is not only done to the team, but also to the League and by extension to the other clubs because the most important ticket offices for the teams are when they reach the semifinals and finals and from that there is a high percentage of income that enters the league coffers and then in the end the league distributes that to the rest of the clubs.

– Olimpia already asked for the stadium –

TEN learned that the capital club already asked the Mayor of San Pedro Sula the Morazan stadium and asked that it be blocked because they are sure that the final will be there, despite the fact that they are prohibited.

And so it was since to date the Sampedrano venue is ‘separated’ just waiting for the final against motagua where long-haired people will be local either on December 17 or 18, which are Saturday or Sunday.

At the moment the olympia is banned, for two more games, from playing in San Pedro Sula but the white institution plans the last game of the Opening-2022 in sampedranas lands, waiting for a ruling in favor so that they enable the stage and lift the punishment.

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