These are the designs of the future faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy

The University of Seville has resolved the ideas competition for the reforms of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, two faculties that have been waiting for years for works for which there is still no start date yet. In fact, once the prizes for the designs are awarded, the bidding process will have to begin and then the works will begin. It must be remembered that when the ideas contest was launched, Hispalense started again from scratch despite the fact that there were already models of a previous design.

At the moment, the General Directorate of the University Space of the University of Seville has brought together the juries who have failed the Winning proposals of the Architecture Ideas Competition of the new faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine.

The winning idea of ​​the competition for the Faculty of Medicine has been to Pablo Manuel Millan Millanwho offers a solution to the permeability of the block by choosing two reference levels that allow the construction of two strata, in which the different circulations are resolved in sectiongenerating empty spaces both public and university.

The jury has valued that apparently it seems to be an excavated project, “but it really is the result of choosing those references that are resolved in a clean section.” The winning project gets alleviate the density currently suffered by the Faculty of Medicine from a strategy that opens a field of possibilities in its future applicability. The strategy attends in a singular way to the plot and memory of the Hospital de las 5 Llagas.

Second prize has been awarded to Francisco Javier Terrados Cepeda, whose proposal is sustainable from the environmental and social points of view, which gives great quality to the university collective spaces, thanks to the incorporation of two large spaces learned from the reference of the Hospital de las 5 Llagas. In a radical way, it resolves the transversal connectivity of the block through a clearly formalized street. It supposes a measured and coherent proposal with plenty of technical solvency.

The third prize in the Ideas Competition for the new Faculty of Medicine has been declared void.

Winning design of the Pharmacy project



The winning project for the new Faculty of Pharmacy is the one presented by Morales de Giles Arquitectos. It is a proposal that attends to the pre-existence of the original project of the center with the maximum of its reuse and recovery. The implementation and quality development of the spaces is valued, with special emphasis on the spatial value of the ground floor where collective uses are concentrated. The spatial structure of the floors enhances communication spaces as centers of activity that ensure the relationship between the members of the university community, which open to the outside at all ends, elevating them to the status of referential spaces within the building.

Second prize in the ideas competition for the new Faculty of Pharmacy It has been for José Antonio Carbajal Navarro. In this case, it is a project that stems from a previous strategy based on fragmentation, successfully articulating the pre-existence of the original building. This fragmentation ensures the controlled applicability in the successive phases, at the same time achieving a minimum occupation of the site, which determines the permeability, in the access plane; this question is possible thanks to a development of the basement floor through sunken ventilation and lighting spaces

Finally, José Ignacio Sánchez-Cid Endériz has won the third prize. His project articulates different scales to meet the program of uses in a clearly linked volumetric composition to the Port of Seville. Proposes a basement for parking which determines the decline in the enhancement of the existing transversal space next to the Hernando Colón Residence Hall.

since the beginning of the year

The University of Seville launched two separate ideas competitions at the beginning of the year in order to have a range of reflections and proposals that, through the exercise of quality architecture, resolve the functional conflicts that have been generated and respond to the demand for spaces for teaching and research activities that the faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine deserve.

The projects should take care of the integration of the centers in the urban context where they are located. In both cases, the proposed solution could propose successive phases of execution, so that the effect on the activity of the center is minimal.

The juries of both competitions have been chaired by the general director of the University Space of the US, Francisco Montero Fernández, professor of Architectural Projects of the ETS Architecture of the University of Seville. Each jury has been formed, together with the president, by four members, all of them professors of the Area of ​​Knowledge of Architectural Projects of different Spanish ETSAs.

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