The physical PROBLEM for which Clara Chía Martí ALWAYS wears glasses on APPOINTMENTS with Gerard Piqué

After the separation between Shakira and Piqué, the new partner of the former soccer player, Clara Chia Marti He has become a target of criticism and ridicule due to rumors of infidelity. And it is that Internet users have not missed the issue physical that the young woman has on her face, which has led her to forever use glasses in the quotes what do you have with Gerard PiquéAlso, this is an accessory that forever uses to complete your looks.

At just 23 years old, Clara Chia Marti He has become one of the people most followed and harassed by the paparazzi, all this since he is the new couple of Gerard Piqué. In the few photos that exist of the young woman on the Internet, several people have noticed that the university student has a issue physical which you have tried to hide using glasses so as not to be a victim of ridicule.

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