The one who did sweat the Tri, transcended and that’s why he has two luxury Ferrari

The one who has two Ferraris and did sweat the Tri
The one who has two Ferraris and did sweat the Tri

There is a former player of the Selection that he knew how to manage the money that came in during his professional stage. Along with his current role as a television commentator, this El Tri idol sells tacos and owns two luxury cars, although he doesn’t show them off.

Is about Jorge Campos, who is considered by many to be the best Mexican goalkeeper of all time. The Immortal had a good head and managed to extend his heritage, despite being retired from professional activity several years ago.

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Currently, he runs a chain of taco restaurants, which boost his financial situation. The former goalkeeper is clear that he cannot live on his name and carries this activity along with his work as a commentator on TV Azteca, where he has made a good team with christian martinoli and Luis Garcia.

The two Ferraris of Jorge Campos:

The Mexican has the luxury of having two Ferrari Just like Cristiano Ronaldo does. The difference between the CR7 cars and those of the Immortal is that they did not cost him a penny. However, he does not boast of them, although it is known that they remain in the house that Campos has in the United States.

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