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It is a happily strange phenomenon that is experienced in Bogotá: the result is seen as an indicator but not as a conclusion of what happens in a soccer team.

While in other cities the coach is changed almost every tournament and the process is abandoned with the mere premonition that the objective will not be met, in Millonarios the opposite phenomenon seems to occur.

The blue team showed the most colorful football during the last semester and it seemed that the final of the Betplay II League was practically a must. However, the 1-1 draw in the classic against Santa Fe put an end to the illusion of playing for the star, which this Sunday will begin to decide Independiente Medellín and Deportivo Pereira.

What will happen in blue after this failure to meet the objective? It is time for reflection and conversations in the blue house, at rest in this World Cup season. The Betplay Cup title, which meant a place in the Copa Libertadores, undoubtedly eased the impact of this latest elimination. But is it enough for coach Alberto Gamero to stay?

That is the question that the readers of FUTBOLRED responded en masse, who manifested themselves in our survey with a revealing message: there is total support for continuity.

A total of 1,230 voters thought that the process is good and that it should not be disarmed now due to the latest league setback. Of course, the second option, which had to do with the fact that the three years that DT has already been on the blue bench are enough opportunity, had a total of 918 votes.

In the same sense, the readers voted, on the game idea that Gamero has imposed, that he has the talent as a trainer and strategist to maintain it and get the best result, an option that had 1,075 votes.

Finally, when asking if DT was the only one responsible for this disappointment of watching the League final on TV and not from the prominence that had been achieved throughout the tournament, the questions were in another direction: 478 voters believe that Gamero , as a boss, must accept failure, while 342 feel that individual mistakes were too costly. With a majority of 945 votes, the option that the board was to blame for not better reinforcing the payroll in 2022, was the winner.

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