Spain’s coaching staff remembers ‘Magico’ González

The Salvadoran legacy ‘Magical’ Gonzalez in Spanish football it is still present until today.

His impact has been so great that the coaching staff of the Spanish team remembered the former Central American soccer player.

In a conversation on the Twitch channel of Luis Enrique, Spain’s coach, a conversation arose with his assistant Aitor Unzué, who even recommended that the stream’s followers search YouTube for videos of the plays that the Salvadoran made.

“He was in El Salvador. I saw many videos of Mágico González, and the truth is that it’s amazing, I recommend to everyone who hasn’t seen ‘Mágico’ González to look for videos of ‘Mágico’ on YouTube, incredible,” he said. the Auxiliar.

“Day or night,” coach Luis Enrique interrupted jokingly, adding that “Magico” was reputed to have been a guy who lived life.”

Spain’s next match in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place this Tuesday against Morocco in the round of 16.


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