PHOTOS: The Oxxo cashier blew up the net with a tight yellow miniskirt

The Oxxo cashier continues to reap successa few days ago a local media outlet in the city of Monterrey interviewed her after she went viral for her videos on TikTok social network. Apparently Alex Silva has become a local star thanks to his work and beauty while working his day at an Oxxo store, to the point that now every item of clothing he wears demonstrates his talent for modeling.

This is how it can be seen when finding several photographs of the Oxxo cashier wearing a yellow miniskirt. This color is difficult to wear, but the young woman from Monterrey has shown that any garment of whatever color looks great on her. With an urban look inside a bathroom, Alex took the opportunity to take a selfie in the mirror to show off her miniskirt and long-sleeved yellow top and disheveled hair as if recently gotten out of bed.

Alex takes great selfies. Photo: Instagram @lupissilvacano

The Oxxo cashier: Alex Silva raises the temperature with a natural photo

Alex silva looks wonderful yellow tones

In another photo, Alex Silva, better known as the Oxxo cashier, comes out wearing clothes in yellow tones as a tight-fitting mini-short and a lightweight sleeveless top as she poses in an open landscape. Alex accompanies his yellow clothes with white tennis shoes and a disheveled look. In another photo, even more urban, Alex comes out lying on some stone stairs while staring into the photographer’s lens. For that session, Alex wore casual clothes such as black jeans and a yellow top, and other white tennis shoes.

Alex loves yellow. Photo: Instagram @lupissilvacano

Thanks to his viral videos, The Oxxo cashier has almost 80,000 followers on her Instagram profile and almost a million fans on her TikTok channel where the reproductions of his videos add up to millions of interactions, without a doubt, Alex is a promise on social networks.

Al natural is so beautiful Alex. Photo: Instagram @lupissilvacano


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PHOTOS: The Oxxo cashier blew up the net with a tight pink miniskirt

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