“Nobody said anything to me because of the way I dress”

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Ivana Knöll poses in the stands of the Qatar 2022 World Cup – Credits: @Robert Michael

DOHA (special envoys).- Qatar 2022 It is also played in the stands. In each World Cup there are always fans who capture the attention of the cameras and some women with flashy clothes even dream of becoming “miss world”. A “throne” that the Paraguayan model established Larissa Riquelme in South Africa 2010when she was nicknamed as “girlfriend” of that competition, and which now seems to continue Ivana Knölla 30-year-old Croatian influencer.

Here in Qatar, more than a million visitors came from all corners of the world warned about muslim culture and several rules to followamong them that of the clothes to wear in the stadiums.

Ivana Knoll in Qatar

Ivana Knoll in Qatar – Credits: @Instagram @knolldoll

Knöll went viral for his way of dressing in the matches that his team, Croatiaplayed in the group stage of the World Cup. Tight red pants, and a bodice with the red and white squares of her country’s flag.

What’s more, the image of her going down the stairs in the game in which the team of Luka modric eliminated Belgium at the Ahmed bin Ali stadium was questioned by the “double standard” in a country of strict rules for women. In that postcard, smiling Arabs were seen in the audience with cell phones in hand, taking photos of him. After it went viral on networks, she herself shared it on her instagram.

A sequence of Ivana Knöll in the Doha stands went viral;  on social networks

A sequence of Ivana Knöll in the Doha stands went viral on social media – Credits: @Instagram @knolldoll

Although regulations are inflexible with local ones, Neither the authorities nor the Qatari residents make the visitors, including the Argentines, feel any rigor in terms of different ways of dressing or walking down the street. You can see women wearing the same clothes as in any corner of Buenos Aires.

In the preview of the decisive clash for the round of 16 between Japan and Croatia, THE NATION met with Knöll. Their outfits for the meeting: mini jean skirt, and long stockings, belt, bow and top with Croatian colors. Although many media presented her as a businesswoman from that Eastern European country, she clarified that she is only “an influencer who came to have fun in Qatar”.

THE NATION found itself  with Ivana at gate 5 of Al Janoub stadium

LA NACION met Ivana at gate 5 of the Al Janoub stadium

Consulted by this means at gate 5 of the stadium Al Janoub, In Al Wakrah, to the south of the capital, about whether he had any attention calls for his clothes in the stadiums, he was blunt: “They never said anything to me because of the way I dress in Qatar. I never had any problems.”

The influencer is already a celebrity. Before entering the VIP section of the stadium, he stopped at every step to take selfies with fans, sign autographs and pose for photographers.

  “I was never told anything because of the way I dress in Qatar.  I never had problems”, he assuredó  Ivana Knoll before LA NACION

“They never said anything to me because of the way I dress in Qatar. I never had any problems”, assured Ivana Knoll before LA NACION – Credits: @LA NACION

Larissa Riquelme’s background

The career of the model from Asunción, Paraguay, Larissa Riquelme, now of 37 yearsjumped after a photo of him cheering for his country’s team spread internationally in the World Cup 2010. The difference with Knöll is that the image of Riquelme -who was carrying a phone in the neckline of his shirt- was taken outside of South Africa, the World Cup headquarters. It was at a Fan Fest that a soft drink brand had organized in the Paraguayan capital.

Larissa, famous for her cell phone...

The photo of Larrisa Riquelme supporting the Paraguayan team traveled the world

“Suddenly a group of models appeared, who were clearly invited by the sponsoring brand. To me Larissa caught my eye.whom I did not know, for her figure and her beauty. I prepared the camera and triggered”, he told THE NATION in 2013 Jorge Saenzthe Argentine who three years earlier had taken the photo of the model who was already known in Paraguay and who traveled the world.

The “girlfriend” of the World Cup, a nickname she took after being baptized that way by a publication in the Spanish sports newspaper Brandreturned to the public scene again in the middle of Qatar 2022 since he promised for this Cup that he would pose again “as God brought him into the world” in case Brazil win the competition, something he did in 2010 with the flag of Spain, selected to win the greatest prize in world football.


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