More than 330 million for 9 years?, reported a source – SwingCompleto

By Guillermo Sanchez

Perhaps that is where the problem lies, that the 39-year-old slugger is not attractive enough for a club. But let’s face it, if you’re paying at least $36 million for a player at age 38 (assuming the contract is eight seasons), what’s the problem for one more year? To all these, and your investment must have been rewarded.

Dodgers, Giants and Yankees are the candidates that have publicly expressed their clear intention to stay with the AL MVP, Rosenthal even reports that there are several clubs that have at least seen it, what we do not know is if these teams are really making an offer would be. It was known days ago that the Yankees made an offer of eight years and $300 million and that in fact, they would be willing to negotiate and improve the final proposal.

When will Judge’s novel end? And above all, where?

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