Medical student found dead in a river in Santander

Antonio Bermúdez father of Carol Isabela, highlighted in the media that his daughter was a calm young woman, from home, and very studious.
Antonio Bermúdez father of Carol Isabela, highlighted in the media that his daughter was a calm young woman, from home, and very studious.

Carol Isabela Bermúdez, 18, appeared lifeless this Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at the Suarez River of the municipality of El Palmar (Santander). The young woman, who was studying medicine in Bogotá, had been wanted since last October 26 when she traveled to San Gil, she took a taxi and from there she lost track of her.

The lifeless body of the student was found a few days ago by the residents of the Santander municipality and was in an advanced state of decomposition. Once notified by the community, the national authorities carried out the raising of the corpse and referral to Legal MedicineToday after all the processes, the identity of the woman was confirmed.

According to her relatives, the last time she was seen she was wearing black sports pants, a gray sports shirt, a jacket with black and white horizontal stripes, a burgundy vest, green ankle socks, a backpack with colored stripes woven in fique, black tennis shoes, and red sunglasses. .

According to local Santander media, Carol Isabela Bermudez he would have sent a message to his mother the day before he disappeared: “Mom, I’m fine, calm down.”was the last thing that Carol told her mother through a minute hand, since she left her cell phone in the capital of the country.

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According to the family, they still do not know the reasons why the young woman would travel from Bogotá to San Gil alone, without the company of her parents. Apparently, the young woman herself would have made the fatal decision to take your own life in this sector of Santander.

“She had everything planned, we were in San Gil, she asked about the river, she looked at the river. She made the decision by herself, by herself,” her father told Caracol Radio

Antonio Bermúdez father of Carol Isabela, highlighted in the media that his daughter was a Quiet young woman, from home, and very studious. The body of the young third-semester medical student at the Juan N. Corpas University Foundation was transferred to Girón, where some relatives reside, and from there to Bogotá, where it will finally be buried.

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Ana Pinilla, the student’s mother, told a local station in San Gil that on October 26 she got out of a taxi in the boardwalk of the municipality “She told me that she was on the bridge of the fonce river, a busy bridge, said he wanted to leave quickly. We are certain that she reached the bridge ”.

Likewise, he told how the last days he shared with his daughter were. “They were two normal days, we saw Carol normal, happy, her father shared with her, we are separated, we did not notice anything out of the ordinary. She looked at the river with interest and insistence, she watched the river, she told me, the river is mighty, it is deep, very high, but these are things that she does not pay attention to, ”she told La Caliente radio station.

The latest reports from the national authorities show that the young woman would have arrived in San Gil. What’s more, the investigators managed to speak with the taxi driver who transported her inside the Perla del Fonce.


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