María Félix: the beautiful actress who refused to marry her son Enrique Álvarez Félix

Maria Felix was the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema most prominent, as he left a legacy on the big screen thanks to the movies he starred in. However, he continued with his son, Enrique Alvarez Felix, who followed in his footsteps in the entertainment industry, since he worked in film and television, becoming one of the most quoted gallants, however, despite being very popular among actresses, one of them had the luxury of refuse to marry with the son of “The Lady”.

the protagonist of “Tizoc, Indian love” married for the first time in 1931 with Enrique Alvarez, father of her only son, who nBorn April 6, 1935. The first-born of the actress attended the best military schools in Canada, the United States and France, and studied Political Science at UNAM, however, at the age of 30 she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, so she was also part of the Mexican show , for which he had several participations in film and television as “Fight“, from 1977.

Ofelia Mediana starred in “Rina” with Enrique Álvarez Félix Photo: Special

Enrique Álvarez Félix proposed to this beautiful actress

Thanks to its popularity, the producer Valentin Pimstein chose the son of Maria Felix to be the protagonist of the soap opera “Fight“, where he shared credits with Ofelia Medinawho was a prominent theater, film and television actress, who also called the attention for her beauty, so he had already been in different productions. As expected, the story was a complete success, but it gave us something to talk about years later when The star confessed that her costar offered her marriage, but she refused him.

During an interview, the actress said that after finishing the recordings of the melodramaEnrique Álvarez Félix asked her to marry himHowever, she did not agree, because she said she was unmarriageable: “Months after the novel, Enrique proposed to meHe told me why we didn’t get married, that it would be beautiful. I told him that it was the biggest compliment that they had done to me in my life, but that I do not believe in marriage and I would not have married him,” said the artist.

However, the also protagonist ofand “The Caifanes” kept courting her, so he invited her to a dinner in his house with Maria Felix and again insisted that they get married, this time the actor promised that she would become the heir of the assets of “La Doña”. “She invited me to dinner with her mom and after Maria left, she told me ‘everything of her is going to be yours’, but I told him thank you very much, no,” Ofelia said in a conversation on “El Show de las telenovelas.”

Who is Ofelia Medina, the actress who rejected the son of María Félix?

María Ofelia Medina Torres, full name of the artist, was born in Mérida, Yucatán, on March 4, 1950. From a very young age she felt attracted to the arts, so at the age of 11 she belonged to the children’s pantomime group created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, also She studied at the Mexican Dance Academy, graduating as an interpreter and teacher of contemporary and regional classical dance, she also trained as an actress in Los Angeles, California and at the Odún Theater in Denmark.

On the small screen she became famous for the melodramas “The Young Lady”, “Paloma”, “Rina”, “Glory and Hell” and “A Lifetime”, while in the cinema she is remembered for “Patsy, my love”, “Piranhas love in Lent”, “The gates of paradise” and “Frida, naturaleza viva”, in which she played Frida Kahlo, to mention some of her works as an actress, screenwriter and producer. Meanwhile, she has also attracted attention for being a social activist by being committed to the defense of human rights, especially of ethnic groups.

The actress has stood out as a screenwriter and producer Photo: Special


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