Lis Vega triumphs in a two-piece suit from the beach in Cuba

Last month, the star Lis Vega was visiting her native country, Cuba, to enjoy a sweet vacation in which she also married the singer Naldo, with whom she is 20 years apart.

From this fleeting visit to her beautiful country, the social media star got photo sessions from the beach, modeling her best swimsuits and making it clear that at the age of 45 she still has an impressive body.

On this occasion, Lis Vega she gifted her followers on Instagram an image in which she gave a close-up of her worked curves, boasting of the wonderful results of her daily workouts in the gym.

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Lis Vega triumphs in a two-piece suit from the beach in Cuba. Source: Instagram


“The past is an accident that dissolves in the light of CONSCIOUSNESS”, was the phrase that he left at the bottom of the post. As expected, the Poet of the Urban was the object of great praise and compliments, among which the following stand out.

“A mango in the middle of the beach”, “Sand, Sun and @lisvegaoficial, the perfect element”, “My beautiful Cuban on her beaches in Cuba kisses”, “Those quad’s very well worked, the whole body very well worked Thank you lis for be an example and an inspiring person”, it reads.

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