Lindsey Pelas returns to her school days, falls in love rebelliously

Last night, the beautiful model and actress Lindsey Pelas He was having fun with his friends at a lively party that he fully documented in the status section of his Instagram account.

Among the contents that the 32-year-old content creator shared were some photographs in a photography set that resembled those that were put up for school yearbooks, this being the theme of the celebration.

Of the four photos that Lindsey Pelas hung up, in one she appears alone posing in a very simple outfit of blue jeans and a black tank top, in addition to wearing her hair in a semi-collected, very fashionable at the beginning of the century.

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Lindsey Pelas returns to her school days, falls in love with rebellion. Source: Instagram

In her role as a high school “heartbreaker”, the pretty model decided to pretend that she was talking on the phone with her partner, with whom she was breaking up. Her pose with her tongue sticking out moved fans.

You’re lost, sorry,” he wrote in a thought balloon.

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