Jason David Frank’s wife recounts how his last hours of life were

TEXAS, UNITED STATES.- For the first time since the death of Jason David Frankknown for his role as Green Power Rangerhis wife, tammie frank He recounted how his last hours of life were, he also clarified that they did not fight that day and that they were in the process of reconciliation.

It was in an interview for People magazine that Frank confirmed that her husband did take his own life at the age of 49, but stated that they had spent a romantic evening that day. In the same way, she assured that they had separate rooms because he snored a lot.

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“While Jason was a well-known man to some, we lived a very normal life with ups and downs, just like anyone else. His death surprises me as much as anyone else. Yes, he had had mental health issues and depression before, but I could never predict what would happen that night,” Tammie stated.

According to the widow, the couple was married for 19 years and it was the loss of their daughter Shayla in 2021 that would have caused problems in their relationship. “For anyone who has known the pain of losing a child, I know you understand how a loss like this changes things in your marriage,” she stated.

However, thanks to a friend, the couple had decided six weeks ago to give themselves a second chance because they still loved each other.

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It was for this reason that the couple traveled to Texas to spend a few days together and away from worries. “It was supposed to be a fun weekend getaway, and instead I lost the love of my life,” she lamented.

noises in the room

After the death of the famous actor, it was learned that hotel staff had gone to look for them in their room due to the scandal that was in it. Initially it was mentioned that they were fighting.

However, Tammie clarified that the annoying noises that were reported were not because of a fight but because they were enjoying their days in that place. She also mentioned that they took separate rooms because “in short, my husband snored”.

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He also confessed that before his beloved decided to make the fatal decision, the couple had gone out to dance and enjoy themselves in a bar. After being in the premises until it closed its doors, they decided to return to the hotel where they had a “sincere and emotional” conversation.

After the chat, Tammie revealed, “To help Jason relax and sober up before bed, I went downstairs to get us snacks from the lobby.”

According to the woman, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes, but when she returned to the room she knocked on the door and received no answer. She revealed that despite the efforts, it was the police who managed to enter the room and discovered the lifeless body of the actor.

After revealing details of her last hours with her husband, Tammy asked that the speculation stop and that she and her family be allowed to grieve in peace.

“I lost my only love”

Tammie, a day after the death of the famous Power Ranger became known, made a post on Instagram in which she revealed the pain she felt at losing her only love.

The post was accompanied by photographs of them during their 19-year marriage in which they had their daughter Jenna.

“The loss of my soul mate. Jason, I can’t go on without you! You’re my World! Yes, we had our problems like any marriage, but months ago we both agreed that it was worth saving. Deep conversations, vulnerability, forgiveness on both sides. I am deeply lost, hurt and completely destroyed. I lost my one true love. I am your “firecracker” baby forever… until we are together again,” she wrote.

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