“I am the only young actress who wants to be in Cuba”

Cuban actress Andrea Doime bye participated as a presenter at the opening of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, where she declared that she is the only young actress who wants to be in Cuba.

From an absolute seriousness that generated laughter in the auditorium, Andrea complained to those present in the Charles Chaplin movie theater, on Thursday, about being very cold.

“You just arrived but I’ve been here since 10:00 am. I’m having a terrible time right now, but to honor the cinema I’m going to do it as contained as possible. (…) I just can’t with him cold, I think that’s why I am the only young Cuban actress who wants to be in Cuba“, said.

His comment sparked laughter and applause from the audience. He continued his monologue by adding that he would be “saving resources just as the ICAIC does with the salary of the actors”.

The young woman also made the presentation of some officials who were at the opening ceremony of the festival, including the Minister of Culture Alpídio Alonsofor which there were boos from the public and Rogelio PolancoHead of the Ideological Department of the Communist Party of Cuba.

“I’ve always wondered… What will they talk about in that department? It’s a question I’ve always had, just like Arnaldo and his Talisman: ‘Did you see what I told you?’ No one will ever know what was it that he told him”, he commented.

Andrea Doime byedaughter of the renowned Cuban actor and comedian Osvaldo Doime goodbyebecame popular on national television with the character of the host Noelia Bermellón.

The monologue he did at the festival presentation is in keeping with the type of show that accompanies these cultural events. He used fine, restrained, but poignant humor, which must have made more than one of the political officials present in the room uncomfortable.

The 43 Latin American Film Festival of Havana was inaugurated on the night of December 1, with the projection of the film Argentina, 1985. A tribute was also made to the recently deceased singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes.

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