He starred in more than 100 films at the Cine de Oro and took his own life in the worst way

Pedro ArmendarizHe was one of the actors in the Mexican Golden Cinema most recognized in the industry and one of the leading men of that time along with Pedro Infant Y Jorge negretewho made up the most iconic group of artists of those times, characterized by their robust personality

Pedro Armendáriz rubbed shoulders with great artists Photo: Twitter @andregrupo

However, the death of the actor who passed away at 51 years of age was one of the most terrible Y nostalgic that have occurred in history, because of the way in which he left this earthly world. It should be noted that Pedro did not like hospitals, since they used to make him very sad and above all nervous.

However, the first time he was in a hospital, it was at noon on June 18, 1963, the father of the also actor Pedro Armendariz Jr.was in the Oncology ward of the Los Angeles University Hospital, California, in Westwood, where his relatives tried to make the space cozy for him, where it was bedecked with flowers, had enough books, and an outside window to lift his mood.

And it is that during the recordings of “From Russia with love“, this being the second James Bond film in which he would participate with a co-starring rolewould have suffered severe pain in his bones, where he had been diagnosed with hip cancer while filming in the city of London and Istanbul with the character of “Ali Kerim Bey”, who returned to Mexican territory very saddened by the news; However, he was able to conclude recording the film not only because of his commitment, but also because of the juicy amount that he would be paid for being the main ally of the Agent 007, money that would allow him to leave an estate and financial security for his family.

Pedro Armendáriz was a great actor of the Cinema de Oro

The terrible death of Pedro Armendáriz

It has been 59 years since the death of the great actor, Pedro Armendariz, who secretly entered the hospital where he was hospitalized with a gun Magnum 357, hidden among his personal belongings, who fixed his eyes on the firearm and made a tough decision, since his wife and the doctor would soon arrive to continue accompanying him in a difficult moment he was going through, until he pulled the trigger, leaving lying on the hospital bed.

the last conversation

Before his death, Pedro was able to say goodbye to his family before ending his life. Carmen Pardo Bohr, The actor’s wife was reading the newspaper in an armchair next to the bed; their children Peter and Carmen 23 and 17 years old respectively, they were in Mexico and had said goodbye to them before traveling, who already knew their diagnosis and knew that the chances of surviving this disease decreased with each passing day.

Carmelita, why don’t you go eat? Pedro said to his wife; However, Carmen looked at him and said: “It’s not necessary, I can wait for them to bring you your food and accompany you”, to which the actor replied: “No, no, you go”, fixing his gaze on the eyes of his beloved who had been together for 25 years, a histrionic woman who accompanied him throughout his career and also helped him prepare for his roles, who formed one of the most solid marriages in the show, unlike his Negrete companions and Infant.

“From Russia with Love” was the most iconic film in which he starred Photo: Twitter @JulianVenturaV

Finally, Carmen approached her lover, caressed him tenderly on the face, kissed him and as a farewell said: “I’ll be right back, my love”, not knowing that her husband would sleep for eternity, not without Pedro called for the last time to tell her that he loved her and then he was left alone.

Who was Pedro Armendariz?

Pedro Gregorio Armendariz Hastingsfull name of the actor, was born on May 9, 1912, son of the Mexican Pedro Armendariz Garcia-Conde Y Adele Hastings, who lived in Texas for a while, but later moved to San Luis Obispo, California where he completed his studies in Aeronautical Engineering and studied Law. His greatest passion was cinema and he watched movies whenever he could with the dream of being a great actor one day.

At the age of 22, he filmed his first film titled “Maria Elena”, with a not so important role, but his meeting with Emilio “El Indio” Fernández brought him to fame in the film industry, who was able to participate in the production of “I am pure Mexican”, “Flor Silvestre” and “María Candelaria“, starring Dolores del Río.


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