Guardado wrote his farewell letter from the National Team Halftime

That first time dressed in greenthanks to the good eye and support of a teacher who was always characterized as a promoter of the chamacada in professional soccer, Ricardo Antonio La Volpesurely not even the most optimistic would have imagined that it was the beginning of a career in National selection otherwise prolific.

The December 14, 2005in the times of mustache as handler of the threads of the Tricolor, Andres Guardadothe young sensation of Atlasthe one with curly hair, received the alternative to enter by Jose Antonio Olvera in a game before Hungary.

A year later, in Germany 2006in Quarter finals against Argentina, the same kid who got on the list for that world Cupbeing the great surprise of many, made his World Cup debut with Mexico and in a duel for other tough.

What followed for the midfielder from Guadalajara were 45 minutes to put his leg in, to show impudence when he should have, including moments of turning a defense as ironclad as the albiceleste.

In the end, the result was the same as always: defeat, going home after the fourth match for him Tricolorbut on a personal level and of course positive, the banner for five jousting of the type in the collection of achievements of Saved.

And it is that they followed him South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 Y Qatar 2014with a stellar role, and the last two, as leader and among those who played the captain’s badge.

‘Last one and we’re off’

Alluding to the commonplace that everything has a beginning and an end, the today element of Real Betis initialed his last football festival in Qatari soil and, although the outcome could not have been different, quite the opposite, since the Aztec squad had a setback, Andrés Guardado wrote a letterat the request of ESPN, during an interview for this sports channel.

and the one of GuadalajaraWith that freedom to give free rein to his prose, he dedicated some quite emotional sentences to himself

“My dear little PrinceI am writing this letter to you congratulate you on your deliveryfor your professionalism Y I play in this World CupI think that no one better than you knows what it costs to play and in your case to play the fifth World Cup and leave the National Team making history how did you do it.

“Thank you for everything, for teaching me that nothing is impossible and be an example to me. Thank you for the road traveled, a hug and I love you my prince”, ended the Five Cups.

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