Draymond Green breaks silence on possible trade between Warriors and Lakers


Finally, the official word of Draymond Green has come to light regarding the rumors that place him out of the Golden State Warriors bound for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Draymond Green
© Ezra Shaw | Getty ImagesDraymond Green

During the last few weeks, Draymond Green has been one of the most mentioned players in the conversation about nbaspecifically in relation to possible exchanges carried out by Golden State Warriors.

think that the jersey 23 play somewhere other than alongside Stephen Curry looks really complicated. However, various sources and reports suggest that those from Bahía are seriously considering taking advantage of their last year of contract.

In this sense, one of the destinations to which it has been “pointed” is next toLeBron James in Los Angeles Lakers. Now, weeks after so many rumors, Green clarified his future before the press to make it clear, once and for all, if there is possibility of exchange or not.

Draymond Green’s future in the NBA

Regarding possible exchanges, Draymond Green clarified that “He never said that. People can say whatever they want. I’m not one to react to what people say too much either. I react to things when I want to react and I don’t react to things just because someone said it.”the player said to Marc J Spears.

However, beyond not having said anything that relates to the Lakers, he understands that the NBA is a business. “Lately, decisions have to be made, I have to make decisions. For me, I only focus on this season, on winningr”, he sentenced.

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