Do the controversial decisions in Mexican soccer affect the Mexican National Team?

In the last five years, Mexican soccer made a turn, out of necessity, from South American competitions to creating binational tournaments with MLS

The last five years the mexican soccer has made controversial decisions regarding competencies and also at the level of Mexican teamwhich have been pointed out by players and coaches with the elimination of the Tricolor in the group stage of Qatar 2022something that had not happened since Argentina 1978.

In 2017 he began to change the course of the mexican soccerforced by the competitions demanded by Concacaf, which coincide with some setbacks they have suffered at the national team level.

At ESPN we give an account of the controversial decisions that have impacted Mexican soccer.

Exit of the Copa Libertadores

In 2017, the former president of Liga MX, Enrique Bonilla, announced to the media that Mexican clubs will not participate in the Copa Libertadores that year.

The manager mentioned that the new format of the continental tournament caused the direct elimination rounds to be played when the Mexican teams were on vacation and preseason. Since that year, Mexican soccer has not managed to return to the tournament in which it has twice been runner-up in Conmebol.

Since a couple of years before, Mexico it no longer sent its champions to the Copa Libertadores, because the clubs had to participate in the Concacaf Champions League.

Departure from the Copa America

From 1993, Mexico had become a regular guest at the Conmebol national team tournament, but in 2018 they announced that the Mexican team would not participate in the 2019 edition. The Nations League, Gold Cup and the friendly matches that El Tri has in the United States have prevented the Mexican team from returning to said contest, something that has been questioned by the football media, since the players they lose from friction and competition against the best players from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay.

Freeze the promotion and relegation of Liga MX

Enrique Bonilla announced in May 2020 that promotion and relegation would be frozen in the First and Second Division of national football and assured that the owners of the 18 teams made the decision, since “in recent seasons, the division has lost income, both in television rights and in sponsorships and box office earnings, with results that are not the desired ones”.

In addition, he defended the decision by pointing out that several projects in the silver category were close to financial bankruptcy and this would affect the Mexican tournament.

“The problem has increased, several of the projects are very close to bankruptcy, in danger of disappearing due to the lack of fresh resources and the need to cover an annual financial deficit of more than 25 million pesos per club.”

Rule 20/11 disappears

Two years have passed since the teams announced the rule that required teams to field under-21s and thus serve a certain number of minutes for these elements. Enrique Bonilla expressed that the Talent Development League would be created for the youth, where it is expected to have a seedbed of players for the First Division teams. “Create a division format that aims to be a seedbed for Liga MX players, so the 20/11 rule is eliminated as of the 2021 season.”

Given this, it was pointed out that the MX Expansion category would play a role in training youth players and giving them greater experience in the U-20 and U-17 categories.

Disappearance of the MX Cup

The cup tournament, which brings together teams from MX League and the then Liga de Ascenso, had a mandatory pause during the 2019-2020 edition, due to the fact that a calendar adjustment would be made to meet commitments of the Mexican team in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

New tournament format

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the Repechage to return to the MX League for Guardians 2020 and it was also announced that 12 of the 19 teams in the top circuit had the opportunity to fight for a place in the postseason.

The new format established that the first four places would go directly to the quarterfinals, while the remaining eight teams would fight to be in the Liguilla. This meant that teams that had less than 15 points on the penultimate date could still aspire to the Liguilla.

Two years have passed since said announcement and this format will be maintained for the Clausura 2023.

League Cup

The Mexican teams are far from returning to the Conmebol tournaments and the directors of the MX League They have strengthened their ties with the MLS, which is why they announced a Leagues Cup for 2023 that will feature 47 teams from both tournaments.

The tournament to be held with the 18 football teams of Mexico and the 29 that make up Major League Soccer. The competition is scheduled to start in July 2023, will be held for a month, in addition to having a World Cup format and will award tickets to the Concacaf Champions League.

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