Chinese medicine for animals or how to relax your pet with acupuncture for 60 euros

The Chinese traditional medicine and natural and alternative therapies such as acupuncture they have always been present in animals, although little is known about it. These treatments began to be carried out around the 1st century BC. of C. and the Chinese understood that if the art of placing needles at strategic points to reduce pain had positive results in humans, why not in animals?

“Acupuncture in animals offers the same results that we receive in people and in fact the history is very old, since in China it began to be applied earlier in farm animals than in people.” Paula Rodríguez is a veterinary specialist in animal rehabilitation and traditional chinese medicine and for four years he has applied this method in the Valencian clinic Veterinary Vibeof which she is the director.

Reduce the use of drugs

Rodriguez tells Global Consumer that the main objective of these therapies is reduce drug use that can cause side effects in animals suffering from different types of pathologies. Conditions of pain, tumor processesproblems in the joints, neurological… “You can treat any clinical picture with an acupuncture session,” confirms this veterinarian.

Acupuncture is one of the most famous techniques of traditional Chinese medicine / VIBRA VETERINARIA
Acupuncture is one of the most famous techniques of traditional Chinese medicine / VIBRA VETERINARIA

The integrative medicine combines Eastern treatments with Western ones. An example of this is the Phytotherapy, of special interest in the treatment of patients with ethological, dermatological or oncological problems. It consists of the administration of chinese herbs and plants powder, capsules or tablets to ensure the animal’s ingestion, always under the prescription of a specialized veterinarian.

“It has reduced epileptic seizures in my pet”

Andrés Sancho decided to go with his 9-year-old Labrador to traditional Chinese medicine to treat his problems of osteoarthritis. “Today I do not give her any chemicals from conventional medicine, we only treat her with acupuncture,” Sancho tells this medium. What most surprised this owner about acupuncture was that the epileptic seizures suffered by his pet were drastically reduced.

“My dog ​​received around six attacks a year, but this last one – in which we have resorted to acupuncture – has only had one episode. I don’t know if it’s due to acupuncture, but that’s the reality,” says Sancho, who also recommends this technique because “there is no placebo effect like in people and when my dog ​​goes to a session I notice her much better and more relaxed.”

An alternative to conventional methods

The Veterinary Clinical Hospital of the Alfonso X El Sabio University is a pioneer in Spain in offering the different disciplines of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. “When other areas of the hospital detect that an animal is heavily medicated or that conventional methods are not enough, they refer the case to the integrative medicine service,” Ana del Moral, a professional at the center, told this outlet.

“With acupuncture we manage to treat the animal as a whole and several problems can be solved at the same time,” he says. This technique, which is based on the insertion of fine, flexible and sterile steel needles at specific points on the animal, “helps the body itself generate substances that improve the animal’s quality of life.” Acupuncture stimulates different neurotransmitters like the beta-endorphins and the serotonin“in this way, the body itself can correct the pet’s problems,” adds this veterinarian.

Not suitable for all cases

Although natural medicine can be applied to patients of any type, the most common are osteoarthritis treatments in older animals and also with neurological problems. Like is logic, not all animals tolerate acupuncture well. “There are some dogs that are more nervous and are very stressed with whom the relaxation effect cannot be achieved,” acknowledges Paula Rodríguez, from Vibra Veterinaria.

Acupuncture technique in a cat / UAX VETERINARY CLINICAL HOSPITAL
Acupuncture technique in a cat / UAX VETERINARY CLINICAL HOSPITAL

Faced with the misgivings, especially at first, that these techniques can generate in pet owners, Ana del Moral defends that animals “not only let themselves, but they end up knowing what they are coming to, they generate endorphins and a sense of well-being with which they relax.” “Sometimes people are not amused, there are even cases in which they come as a last option, but seeing the positive results that are produced is very encouraging.”

Sessions from 25 to 60 euros

The types of treatment, as well as the deadlines, depend on each case. “At first, they usually do three or four sessions a week and after a month they can be spread out to once a month, for example,” says Paula Rodríguez from Vibra Veterinaria. At her clinic, each session costs 25 euros and usually lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.

In the case of the UAX Veterinary Hospital, the sessions are priced at 60 euro“although we offer bonuses with which each intervention stays at about 50 euros,” concludes the veterinarian Ana del Moral.

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