Canada gets to work to sink Mexico further in CONCACAF, FMF does nothing

Canada takes the ranks in CONCACAF
Canada takes the ranks in CONCACAF

It is necessary to seriously analyze the performance of CONCACAF in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, represented by Costa Rica, the United States, Mexico and Canada, it could be concluded that their performance was due if we take into account that only one of the 4 qualified for the round round of 16 The other 3 stayed in the group stage.

In CONCACAF it was known that the strong rooster was the Tricolor but in the end it only remained a wish. Costa Rica was close to giving the bell in a fairly strong group, Canada left very good impressions despite losing all three of their games.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

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The United States was a surprise for the confederation by going undefeated from the group stage, falling in the round of 16 with an orderly and lethal Clockwork Orange. Preparing for the 2026 World Cup, the Canadians have already taken an important step when not even a week has passed since their elimination.

To follow the steps that worked for them

If something allowed the Canadians to take giant steps in this World Cup cycle, it was to open the doors of Europe to their foreign talent. It turns out that two new Canadian talents have already signed their exit to the old continent. Ismael Kone to Watford of England and Alistair Johnson to Celtic of Scotland. The question is Mexico for when?

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