Bad Bunny fan ends up disappointed after concert in MonterreyMediotiempo


It was not what I expected! a fan of Bad Bunny came with full expectation to his concert in Montereyhowever, despite having enjoyed it, he revealed through a Twitter thread the reasons why Benito’s concert is not worth it, or at least it is not worth the 10 thousand pesos that he paid for the ticket. This is due to the “disappointing” performance in its preparation and logistics.

Is the Bad Bunny concert worth it?

Angie, a Twitter user, shared her experience of the concert of one of the most recognized artists in the world today. However, she warned fans that they will go see Bad Bunny in his other concerts in Mexico, which “don’t go with high expectations” because the show “is nothing new”.

“All who are to come, don’t come with high expectations because the truth, nothing new, almost nothing was seen, the show was kind of pissed off, Benito comes to your place (I was in front) for about 3 seconds and it goes away and you don’t see anything again,” Angie said through her Twitter account.

“genuinely I really like BB but this show is a scam, It hurts to who it hurts. Neither the light show, nor the decoration nor the sound nor ANYTHING that was in the show make a ticket for 10 thousand pesos WORTH paying. This show was to pay 4 thousand pesos at most”.

“Without telling them about the gibberish that all the people do to be closer and the filthy logistics and the most culero treatment you can imagine from those in the stadium; BB very handsome and all, but for some reason he repeated all the lines in order that he tells the audience at other concerts”.

“And it’s not that I’m asking for special treatment, but wey you could tell that just said learned lines, didn’t even try to talk or anything idk Anyway, enjoy your concert, I recommend to those who come to VIP not to be where they are all piled up in frontit’s NOTHING worth it”.

Angie described the event as “a fraud” by the sum of poorly carried out components. Highlighting the “little interaction” with the fans by Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. Well, he considered that he uses the same lines at the same moments as in all his concerts around the world.

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