What many suspect is revealed because Victoria Ruffo would not stand Leticia Calderón

Victoria Ruffo and Leticia Calderon
Victoria Ruffo and Leticia Calderon

Victoria Ruffo has never been involved in scandals, she has stayed out of controversy, but this time her feelings towards another famous actress were revealed.
And it is that Ruffo, being one of the favorites in the artistic medium, is very pampered, both producers and actors; but there was someone who did not care about the hierarchy of the actress, so it generated a certain feeling.

More news from Victoria Ruffo:

The actress confessed in an interview that the only role she has not been given has been that of a villain in the soap opera En El Nombre del Amor, since actress Leticia Calderón won it; “Oh yes, I hate her because she took it from me,” he said.
And it is that, remembering the performances, you cannot imagine the reversed roles, Victoria as the evil Carlota and Leticia as the tender Macarena, both of them gave such good performances that it remained to be remembered.

What other soap opera did Leticia Calderón share?

Unfortunately, they have not shared the scene together again, but separated, each one continued their various roles. This year, Victoria Ruffo is in Corona de Lagrimas 2, ten years later, while Leticia Calderón is recording “El Amor Invincible” hand in hand. from producer Juan Osorio.

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