‘We are looking for a Mexican technician’; president of Cruz Azul on TriMediotiempo

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Victor Velazquezpresident of the Cooperative’s Administration and Surveillance Councils Blue Cross and president of the celeste club, arrived this Sunday morning in Mexico City recognizing the failure of Gerardo Martino as coach of the Mexican National Team in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Thus, the manager made it clear that the owners together with the Mexican Soccer Federation will make an analysis of what happened and a search for a new coach, whose profile is to have Mexican nationality.

“The profile that everyone We are looking for a well-structured team. A coach who is Mexican, that has been criticized a lot. But hey, that is up to the decision of the entire team (Owners’ Board) that makes up the Federation”.

Notably Velázquez was in World Cup lands to support the Tricolor team and arrived this morning on the same flight as the Aztec team after being eliminated in the Group Phase. On whether the decision to bring Martino to El Tri was a mistake, Velázquez chose not to comment.

Velázquez defends Jaime Ordiales

Secondly, Víctor defended the work of Jaime Ordiales as director of national teams in the FMF after passing through the Machine and criticism from fans who question his ability as a manager.

Jaime Ordiales is a soccer person. He has worked in several important clubs and if Yon de Luisa, as president of the Federation, asked for it, then go ahead. We as a club support him.”

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