The romance between Rebecca Jones and handsome Televisa heartthrob that many have forgotten

The romance between Rebecca Jones and handsome Televisa heartthrob that many have forgotten

exist soap opera couples that have remained in the minds and hearts of viewers, thanks to the chemistry of the actors who play them. In most cases, this complicity and close contact between co-workers, It generates real feelings that end up transforming into true love. One of the most notorious cases regarding the aforementioned is the marriage that united Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho, a condition that allowed them to work together on multiple projects.

However, there are couples who transmit deep emotions when interacting on screen, without a relationship beyond the friendly necessarily arising between the actors. Generally, these are the famous romances that the public cannot stop talking about, because idealize the united coupletrying to bring to reality the perpetual love that the characters have sworn in fiction.

More news about Rebecca Jones:

The titled melodrama “Crystal Empire” Produced by Televisa in 1992, it is one of the audience’s favorites due to the cast that leads it. Maria Rubio, Ignacio López Tarso, Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho, would be the most anticipated characters at the time of the first commercials of the soap opera. One of the main reasons that kept viewers excited was to discover if the then spouses would star in a new romance in fiction, just as they did in the iconic “Cradle of Wolves”.

The first chapter was highly commented and controversial, because unlike what everyone thought, the character of Rebecca Jones would fall madly in love with a very handsome, nice and talented actor: Ari Telch. The approach, despite being different from what was dreamed of, captivated the audience from the first transmission, since Telch would be, by then, the most valued leading man on Televisa.

Ari Telch, one of the most sought-after leading men on television

The romance between Jones and Telch delighted the public

The chemistry between the handsome actors was unexpected and innate, since the time the telenovela lasted on the air, the public put aside the marriage between Rebecca and Camacho, delving into the tender love story between “Sofia Vidal” and “Julio Lombard”; However, once the story was finished, the deep romance gradually disappeared from the memory of the viewers.

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