Sofía Vergara hits with revealing corset of transparencies

The transparencies They have become the favorite trend for dozens of celebrities and although the best way to wear them, at least in this autumn-winter season, had been the most revealing dresses, now Sofia Vergara came to show that you can always look in the most iconic way and Elegant with a corset. And it is that the actress is not only considered as one of the most beautiful celebrities, but also as one of the ones that best represents the world of fashion, especially for women over 50 who do not want to lose the youthful touch.

Through her official Instagram account, the model and television host also shared a selfie mirror in which not only her beauty captured all eyes, but her look helped to show that she is quite a fashionista and that she always knows how to look perfect according to the most elegant bets, but without neglecting the trends of every season like this corset. Thus, Sofia Vergara made it clear that he black it is the color of winter and it is not only worn in the gothic style in the style of Merlina Addams, but it looks in the most glamorous and feminine way.

Sofía Vergara stole all eyes with her latest look. (Photo: IG @sofiavergara)

With a sweetheart neckline and corset, this is how the famous woman looked

Unlike other occasions, the “Modern Family” actress did not share a description on her photo; however, she accompanied the image with a couple of Christmas trees with which she declared the Christmas season inaugurated, or else, she demonstrated that a risky outfit like this can be perfect to cause a sensation and steal all eyes on the holidays. And it is that despite a cleavage and revealing transparencies, only she knows how to turn the corset into something very elegant.

The design stands out for a sweetheart neckline, so it is also very pronounced and leaves the upper part of the torso exposed, including the arms; on the other hand, the corset has a form of net in the area of abdomensame in which the transparencies with a delicate black fabric. The latter is also perfect for highlight the figure by managing to fit it and mark a tiny waist that marks the whole style.

During his fashion professorship, Sofia Vergara He also let us see that after 50 years you can also wear other more youthful trends such as wearing high-waisted pants, but not fastening the zipper or the button; instead, a trick to look iconic and very glamorous, you have to fold it for a touch more casual and youthful. The trick for this detail to conquer everyone is to wear jeans, although with dress pants and tailored pants you get an equally perfect image.

This is how the actress snatched sighs. (Photo: IG @sofiavergara)

Something that also attracts attention, in addition to raising trends such as transparenciesa corset or the folded pants is that a monochrome look is one of the best bets of the season, especially if you wear a color as sober as black with which to shout from the four winds that you are talking about a woman glamorous, daring and elegant. Of course, for all of the above, accessories are necessary and on this occasion Sofia Vergara She limited herself to wearing a luxurious silver chain-shaped necklace that gave the final touch to her image.

“I love the top”, “glamorous”, “how beautiful”, “queen”, “I love the outfit”, “always beautiful” and “dazzling” are some of the comments left by her more than 27 million followers on Instagram, because despite what look revealer, It is very sober and elegant.


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