Raccoon attacks a girl in front of her house


Raccoon attacks a girl on her front porch. Immediately, the mother comes to her defense.

Logan Kelsey MacNamara on Facebook

A raccoon came out of nowhere and attacked a girl on her front porch in Connecticut. The little girl tried over and over again to get rid of the animal, but she continued to attack her, according to a video that was recorded.

At around 7:45 am on Friday, December 2, the girl was outside her home in Canterbury with her backpack, according to a video shared on Facebook by Logan Kelsey MacNamara, the girl’s mother.

The girl started screaming when the raccoon attacked her leg, can be seen in the nearly minute-long video. The girl took several steps back to try to get away from the animal, but the raccoon refused to let go. Without stopping screaming, the girl kicked the air, trying to get the raccoon to let go, but she couldn’t.

The girl’s mother left the house and, without much thought, grabbed the raccoon, the images show, tried to remove it from her daughter. The girl held on to her mother as she lost her balance and fell completely with her head to the ground.

“Come in!” the mother yelled. Finally, the woman was able to get her daughter off the raccoon from her.

The girl got up and ran into the house. The mother closed the door with one hand with the raccoon perched on her other arm.

The mother struggles to get the raccoon off her arm, while a dog can be heard barking in the background. Despite the fact that she tried over and over again to throw the animal, the raccoon would not let go.

“It’s a rabid raccoon,” he yelled at someone off camera, shortly before grabbing the raccoon off his arm and throwing it out into the yard.

Immediately, the mother entered the house, it can be seen in the video shows. The raccoon fell into the grass and went behind the house, resting briefly in front of the garden until he disappeared around a corner.

“We are going to the doctor to see if the raccoon caught us with rabies after what happened to us,” MacNamara said. “I am so proud of this brave girl.”

The video did not make it clear if the raccoon bit or scratched one of the two people it attacked, nor if it had rabies. MacNamara did not respond when asked by McClatchy News how she and her daughter were doing after the attack.

Canterbury is about 40 miles east of Hartford.

Translation by Jorge Posada

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