Preventive medicine could prevent premature death

MIAMI — Healthy behaviors and routine medical checkups can make a difference in saving lives. That’s what the medicine preventive whose objective is to identify the risk factors, manage to detect diseases early and define a healthy lifestyle for the patient.

Many people go to the doctor when they already have the symptoms of a disease, in some cases there is no turning back for going to the doctor late when they already feel sick and have an advanced diagnosis of a condition.

The purpose of the preventive medicine is to eliminate or minimize the impact that certain diseases can cause in the body. Medicine recommends attending the doctor’s visit for regular checkups once a year even when the person feels healthy or has not shown any symptoms.

An early diagnosis is very important in the case of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular accidents, which usually develop in many cases silently and in the absence of preventive actions that begin with the simple fact of going to a medical appointment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal in its table of tips for proper health care that chronic diseases that affect Americans, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are responsible for 7 of every 10 deaths each year in the country and represent 75% of health spending, data that could be reduced with early care and lifestyle changes.

These are chronic diseases that, according to CDC experts, could be largely prevented with regular medical check-ups and detected through proper health examinations.

In the early detection of a pathology is when the treatment works best.

The key to health

Habits like smoking, excessive drinking, not exercising frequently, obesity, and extreme changes in metabolism tend to be the cause of many chronic disorders.

The US health agency recommends eating healthy, a diet that includes fruits and vegetables; Exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco, and receiving preventive services like cancer screenings, well visits, and immunizations are just a few examples of ways people can take care of their bodies and stay healthy.

“The right preventive care at every stage of life helps all Americans stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of disease, prevent existing diseases from becoming worse or debilitating, lead productive lives, and reduce health care costs. ”, underlines the CDC in its preventive health care tip sheet.

He even points out that small habits, such as drinking enough water to hydrate the body or taking frequent walks, help strengthen the body to prevent disease.

Disease prevention is key to improving the health of Americans, lowering mortality, keeping rising health costs under control, but fundamentally ensuring family well-being.


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