“No one better than you knows what it costs to play and leave the national team making history”

Andrés Guardado dedicated a few words prior to Qatar 2022, which were recently revealed on ESPN’s Futbol Picante

Andres Guardadobefore Qatar 2022which was his fifth world Cupwrote a letter for the career he has had as a footballer, in which he addresses himself as “Little Prince”, his nickname, whom he thanks for his dedication, professionalism, and also reiterates that, at the end of the participation of the worldit would be the retirement of his career in the Mexican team.

“My dear Little Prince, I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your dedication, your professionalism and play in this worldI think that nobody better than you knows what it costs to play and in your case to play the fifth World Cup and leave the national team making history as you have done”, says the letter that Andres Guardado wrote at the end of an exclusive interview for the segment “En Primera Persona”, which can be seen through Star+.

“Thank you for everything, for teaching me that nothing is impossible and for being an example to me. Thank you for the path traveled, a hug and I love you, my prince”, ends the letter from Andres Guardadowhich was read by Jose Ramon Fernandez in a Futbol Picante broadcast.

Andres Guardado reached five World Cups in Qatar 2022after that since Germany 2006 he had not missed a World Cup with the Mexican teamwith which he added 889 minutes in said fairs, in which he collaborated with a score, as well as an assist.

According to the letter that was written Andres Guardadothe match against Argentina, on November 26, was the last of the ‘Little Prince’ with the Mexican teamWell, in the match against Saudi Arabia, he was on the substitute bench.

As well as Andres Guardado, ESPN has in possession of the letter that was written Gerardo Martino before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which he did at the end of the interview for “En Primera Persona”, an exclusive segment of Star+.

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