Mexico, the third team that ran the least in Qatar 2022

The Mexican National Team, in its only three World Cup matches, traveled 108 kilometers, only above Argentina and Ecuador

QATAR — The Mexican team was the third team that ran the least in the group stage of the world Cupjust below Argentina Y Ecuadorwhile the representative of the USA was the one who traveled the most kilometers in the first three matches of Qatar 2022.

The Mexican teamin their only three World Cup matches, covered 108 kilometers, only ahead of Argentina, which is in the quarterfinals, and Ecuador, which was eliminated in the group stage, which covered 105 kilometers.

“We see that those with the most ball run less, because once they have the ball, they no longer need to keep running, they are not in a defensive phase. I am sure that Argentina can increase this statistic”, commented arsene wengerdirector of World Football Development of the FIFA.

For his part, USA It was the team that traveled the most kilometers in the group stage, with 123, followed by Australia, the two teams surpassed in the round of 16 phase of Qatar 2022, according to FIFA data.

Mexico, the fourth team that shot the most at the goal and the least effective

Mexico they were the fourth most shot on goal team in the group stage, but the fourth least effective in that role. The team led by Gerardo Martino at that time needed 7.5 attempts to score a goal, something that left him out of Qatar 2022.

A similar case lived Germany, which was the team that shot the most in the group stage and was eliminated.

“Nines are no longer always nines, they are no longer expected to always score. It is a problem that we have with the nine, since we have Miroslav Klose. There is a lack of precision in the shot and a clear scorer,” he commented. Jurgen Klinsmannwhich is part of the FIFA technical group.

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