Marco Antonio Solis, ‘El Buki’. Who are his daughters?

For decades, Marco Antonio Solis, El Buki, He has redefined the music industry in Mexico and in a large part of Latin American countries as a composer, singer, actor and even founder of one of the most iconic groups of the 70s: The Bukis.

Although his fame is worldwide and his legacy enormous, his Personal life under the scenes and off camera that he has built for almost 40 years of experience has been in the background.

Who is the family of Marco Antonio Solís?

El Buki was married to the Mexican singer and actress Beatriz Adriana Flores de Saracho.

The couple married in 1983 and divorced six years later. During their time together, both stars welcomed their daughter. Beatriz Adriana Soliswho inherited her parents’ talent for singing, but developed her talents as a businesswoman.

It is known that, so far, she is the only daughter of the Buki who has done so. grandfather on becoming a mother of children Leandro and Leah.

In addition to Beatriz, Buki has two other daughters and a son with different women.

The interpreter of If you had not gone got married with Christy Salas after her divorce with Flores. His daughters were born from this marriage. Alison23 years old, and Marla Solis, of 22.

Both are dedicated to social media content, music professionally (but at a low profile compared to his father), and at modeling

The daughters of the legend created the duo Marla & Alison and they released the song Invierno triste, but both have tried to boost their careers individually and on their own merits.

the buki she supports her daughters in their individual and family projects, as Marla said in an interview after the release of her song: “I showed her in the studio about four days before releasing it and she started dancing,” she added.

Recently the recording academy recognized his trajectory in Latin music with the event 2022 Latin Grammys Person of the Year. The ceremony was accompanied by his two youngest daughters and his wife, Cristy.

On his way down the red carpet, El Buki told bill board that his family has been an important pillar in his career.

“Without their support, without the anchor, without the engines, what we do doesn’t make much sense. Everything is to share it”, highlighted the singer from Michoacán.

Marla paid tribute to her father on stage in Grammys Person of the Year when interpreting success When you remember me.

US and Mexican media claim that the celebrity michoacana has a fourth child named Marco Antonio Solis Jr., However, not much is known about the man, only that he inherited the singer’s name and lives in Quintana Roo, out of the media attention and without interest in music.

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