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International Doctor’s Day is celebrated on December 3. A date decreed to honor the doctor who discovered the yellow fever transmitting mosquito, the Cuban Carlos Finlay Barrés and a tribute to all medical professionals who, day by day, strive to provide medical care to the world population.

Why is World Doctor’s Day celebrated?
The celebration, of what was initially called the Pan-American Doctor’s Day, was born in 1946 thanks to the Pan-American Medical Confederation with the purpose of paying a well-deserved tribute to the prominent doctor of Cuban origin Carlos Finlay Barrés and publicizing his valuable work, such as discovering the yellow fever-transmitting mosquito called Aedes Aegypti.

This outstanding doctor and scientist contributed to saving the lives of American soldiers, as well as the civilian population in Latin America. Due to all his contributions to medicine, it was decided that December 3, the day of his birth, would be a date dedicated to the profession that he worthily represented to leave a great legacy to humanity.

What is the job of a doctor?
Doctors are specialists in the area of ​​medicine, who are in charge of diagnosing and treating multiple pathologies and diseases with the intention of improving the health and, therefore, the quality of life of their patients.

Both general practitioners and specialist physicians strive to provide people with the best of themselves, with the sole purpose of recovering the health and well-being of the patients who come to their consultations and attend both routine check-up consultations, emergencies that arise and those more complex cases, which require more attention and study to find a diagnosis and subsequently treat it.

The Hippocratic oath, the highest standard of ethics and vocation in medicine
Doctors are seen as true heroes in today’s society. At this time, when the world is going through difficult times, his work and great effort to save lives makes the so-called Hippocratic Oath more valid than ever, which establishes the immense love and passion for service that every person who dedicates himself to this must have. commendable profession.

It was the so-called father of medicine, Hippocrates, who created this oath. He was a true servant and lover of this profession. Today medicine and many of its postulates are governed by this famous code.

Organizations with medical and humanitarian purposes
There are some NGOs that deserve special recognition for all the effort they have been making, not only in the face of the health emergency that the entire planet experienced due to COVID-19, but always.

There are thousands of volunteer doctors, who have put their lives at risk to help others through the implementation of contingency plans and thus, face different circumstances that occur on the planet.

Médicos del Mundo is an international, non-governmental organization that provides medical assistance to the most disadvantaged populations in the world and, for this reason, are the most vulnerable.

Currently, this important NGO works in fourteen countries in South America, North America, Europe and Asia, doing humanitarian work that contributes to improving the health of the poorest, as well as avoiding the loss of human life.

Another highly prestigious and valuable NGO is the so-called Doctors Without Borders. Its function is to provide a medical-humanitarian service to help all people who are at risk, whether due to wars, epidemics, natural disasters, lack of health care and any other cause that endangers their lives.

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