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There is a shot through the heart of one of the players of the Mexican National Team. The World Cup ended very early for the Tricolor, but there is one footballer in particular who has made headlines in recent days for his “ability to hook up” with famous women. We refer to Kevin Álvarez, who seems to have “arrowed” the daughter of Canelo Álvarez.

Emily Cinnamonthe eldest daughter of the famous Mexican boxer and who recently celebrated her XV Years with great luxury (although the teenager is 17), published an Instagram story in which she seems to “demonstrate her taste” for the young element of Pachuca, who entered as a substitute about the final against Saudi Arabia in Qatar 2022.

The image uploaded by Emily shows Kevin Alvarez, an emoji with the Mexican flag and heart eyes. Obviously this generated noise in the networks by the supposed liking of Canelo’s daughter for the Tri playerwho was previously the boyfriend of the player Nailea Vidrio.

Daughter of Canelo and Karely Ruiz “fight” Kevin

Another famous woman who recently trended for apparently show their “love” for Kevin Álvarez is the influencer karely ruizwho amassed millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

The woman from Monterrey commented with a heart emoji on a publication by Kevin after the elimination of the National Team in the World Cup, in which the right-back highlights the pride he felt for defending the green shirt in the tournament in which every footballer usually participates .

Who is the daughter of Canelo Álvarez?

Emily Cinnamon Álvarez is the eldest daughter of Saúl Álvarezborn when the fighter was only 17 years old product of a relationship with Karen Beltránfar from the glamor and million-dollar bags that his father now charges every time he gets into the ring.

“I worked and went to train, because I was focused on being a world champion. It was difficult. At the age of 16 I had a girlfriend and she got pregnant. I got together to grasp my responsibility well. There were times when I didn’t even have milk or my daughter’s diapers, and I didn’t win anything in boxing.. Sometimes not even for the truck. He worked in the paletería and thank God we ate every day, although he had nothing at all, “said the athlete in an interview with the magazine Who a few years ago.

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