Britney Spears fans question her mental health again

Britney Spears She was very active yesterday on her social networks, the singer celebrated her birthday by posting several photos on her Instagram account, but one in particular caught the attention of her fans, who again questioned the singer’s mental health.

For days now, the so-called “princess of pop” has posted photos that in the eyes of her fans are “nonsense”, because just as she uploads a nude photo in the bathtub, she posts another of a church and one more in which she poses in a nightgown and with a bridal veil that it assures, it belongs to the great-grandmother.

The singer, with almost 42 million followers, was questioned by her fans about why these nonsensical publications, for example, where she appears naked in the bathtub: “Clearly she is not thinking clearly… or thinking at all about what to post for millions, including your children, to see. Did you ask for Britney for free, there you have it,” she read herself in a comment.

Strange photos on her birthday

Britney continued to raise doubts among her Instagram followers by posting a couple of photos of her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears, with whom she has been fighting for years and who on this occasion dedicated an affectionate message to her: “It’s my birthday, but you are my heart , so I’m thinking of you… Congratulations on being so brave, inspiring, and showing guts and glory in your show! You are not alone… If anyone knows how you feel… I understand, my little sister! I love you!”.

Spears, who a few months ago freed herself from the guardianship that her father maintained over her for 13 years, also posted a couple of photos of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, who have been in the custody of their father Kevin Federline for years. . “To my two boys…I love you…I would die for you! God speed up my precious heart! I would give anything to touch your face! I send you all my love… Mamasita ”, reads her message.

But the photo that most disturbed netizens was one she posted of herself in which she looks haggard, pale and very abstracted; she compares herself to Jessica Simpson, who was recently embroiled in controversy because she appeared in a video in which she appears very thin with strange behaviors.

Why do I look exactly like Jessica Simpson? Also my face looks so pale!”

In many of the comments it is believed that the singer’s account could have been hacked, however, Spears also posted a video taken by herself in which she appears with her husband, who prepared a surprise for her birthday that consisted of a cake and romantic balloons

“Who is posting? This is crazy”. “Well, to be honest, I think it’s really her posting all that stuff and she’s like that.” “What the hell is going on in this account? Who is managing this account? “Have you been hacked, honey? Is Elon Musk responsible for all this?

Until now, the voice of “Baby One More Time” has not cleared up the doubts of her hundreds of fans who have expressed their concern for the mental health of the artist, who is not the first time that she has raised these doubts, because when she was at the height of his career he had a strong crisis, which led to his controversial guardianship.

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