Anuel and Yailin experience a tremendous scare after an emergency landing: “Thank God we are alive”

The rapper Anuel AA and his wife Yailin La más viral had a tremendous scare after they made an emergency landing in Monterrey, Mexico, as the couple arrived from Los Angeles to the country to participate in the Coca Cola Flow Fest.

It was through social networks that the singer told his followers about the terrible experience, since even one of the windows of the aircraft broke.

According to the famous version, the concern was such that they even thought they were going to lose their lives.

Publication of Anuel AA.
Publication of Anuel AA. (instagram)

“Thank God we are alive” he wrote about Anuel on a clip in which he gave the details of the incident.

“Mexico we were able to land in Monterrey, it was a hard landing, look at the glass is broken but God was with us. We are fine, we are going to turn on the stage, ”she added in reference to the show.

He also assured that before boarding he asked God that they arrive safely.

“It seems that death was around today but my god is stronger,” he described.

For her part, the interpreter of “Si tú me busca” also thanked her for arriving in Mexico in good condition. It is worth mentioning that the couple is expecting their first child.

“Thank you, Papa Dios, for giving us another chance,” he expressed over a photograph of the plane’s cabin in which the breaking of the glass is seen in more detail.

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