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Borrell inaugurates a European training mission for Ukrainians and promises more help

Brzeg, Dec 2 (EFE).- The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, inaugurated this Friday at the Polish base in Brzeg the European training mission for Ukrainian soldiers and stated that support Ukraine will continue to develop. Borrell visited the military base in western Poland, which hosts part of the newly launched European Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine (EUMAM), after taking part in the OSCE ministerial council in Lodz, in the center of the country. “Our support is developing and will continue to develop. This mission is an unprecedented mission,” said the high representative at a press conference, stressing that it has been established in a record time of a few weeks and that with it military cooperation is promoted Europe to a “new level”. The mission, approved as a reaction to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, aims to increase the military capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces and strengthen its long-term resilience. The EUMAM spokesman, Major Artur Pinkowski, told EFE that the training began in mid-November and that there are different types of training at different levels and by various European countries. The Brzeg camp is just one of many, and sappers are trained there, although coordination tasks are also carried out from there, he stressed. “This command was created to respond to the needs reported by the Ukrainian commanders and to coordinate their needs with our capabilities, so that they are able to fulfill their mission of defending their country,” he stressed. The mission provides training at basic, advanced and specialized levels in areas such as medical assistance, CBRN (management of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons), demining, logistics and communications. In addition, according to Pinkowski, the Ukrainian troops receive training at the individual, team and group levels. The initiative, with an estimated cost of 106.7 million euros, according to European data, will extend over a period of two years and aims to train a total of 15,000 soldiers and officers. According to Borrell, a thousand Ukrainian troops are already receiving training in various camps. “20 member countries are participating, with what is the largest European military mission to date, added the high representative. Borrell also assured during the press conference that the Ukrainian Army is today “one of the best in the world.” having withstood Russian aggression in a way “no one would have expected” European assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces, including bilateral support provided by member states, is already approaching the amount of 9 billion euros, the high-ranking official said. representative. Borrell further reiterated the importance of Russia being held accountable for the atrocities and damages committed in Ukraine, not only criminally but also financially. “Ukraine is being destroyed because the Russians were not able to conquer it. It is going to cost a lot of money to repair all this damage,” he said, adding that 300 billion euros of funds from the Russian Central Bank and 20 billion euros in assets belonging to Russian oligarchs have been paralyzed in the EU. “We are working on legal channels so that this money is used for the reconstruction of Ukraine”, he emphasized. The day before, at the OSCE ministerial council in Lodz, which brought together delegations from 57 countries, Borrell had defended the need to create a special court to judge the crimes of Russian war. , the proposal to create a specialized court under the umbrella of the United Nations (c) Agencia EFE

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