VIDEO: Cavani takes out his fury with a blow to the VAR monitor after the elimination of Uruguay

Edinson Cavani left the Janoub Stadium angry after his country, Uruguay, was eliminated from the World Cup on the last group day. Uruguay was left out after South Korea’s victory against Portugal and despite drawing on points, the Asians went on goal difference in favor.

The VAR played a main role. First he intervened in the penalty kick in favor of Ghana and then in a play where Darwin Nuñez was not awarded a penalty. The last straw for Cavani was that towards the end of the game, he was fouled and the VAR did not intervene.

Cavani came out frustrated and took it out on the VAR monitor off the field where in a video he comes out hitting the screen and knocking it to the ground with a single punch.


Cavani hits the VAR monitor after Uruguay’s elimination from the World Cup


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