Today he seeks to win the World Cup but years ago he refused the Tricolor, they put Martino

Before Martino, there was a brutal proposal in the Tri
Before Martino, there was a brutal proposal in the Tri

New and striking statements have come out from people close to the Mexican National Team and the common denominator continues to be the roots of the endemic problem in soccer in the country. While they continue to try to understand the reasons for the failure, people who at the time had the sports management of the Mexican National Team have uncovered other interesting things.

In the Los Maestros program on TUDN, the guest of the night was Guillermo Cantú, who was on the Tricolor board years ago, uncovered some more than profound words that suggest that before Martino there was an interesting scouting of technicians proven in other leagues.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

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Azcárraga and his official decision to leave soccer and El Tri after the failure in the World Cup

Cantú said that before the signing Martino had to talk with a true strategist worldwide. This is Louis Van Gaal, a Dutch genius who is now in command of A Clockwork Orange, a guy with a long way in European clubs and with world-class players. An outstanding player who has the ability to direct any team.

Why didn’t Van Gaal come to Mexico?

Cantú revealed that he spoke with Van Gaal about coming to Mexico, he asked him how long it would take to implement his style, “4 weeks, 4 weeks is what any top European club asks of you, you don’t have more time.” Van Gaal moved away from the Tricolor because they would not have called Gerardo Martino before and the project would have convinced them.

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