Maripily Rivera breaks her engagement: “I’m single again” | show business

“There is no commitment. I’m single again.” confirmed the businesswoman maripily riveraafter an incident with her until today fiancé Jose Javier Carrasquillo, in the condominium where the model also resides in Carolina.

“I told him to leave the house, but he didn’t do me any harm, he didn’t give me anything,” Rivera expressed in an interview for the TeleOnce program La Comay.

“There is no commitment, it is the only thing. I just broke off my engagement and I’m not ready to talk,” Maripily added to the production.

“I had been alone for a year and a half after my last relationship, which was quite difficult and in which I suffered domestic violence and I was able to overcome it and I wanted my time alone. I think it was the most lonely time Maripily took to have a partner because she wasn’t ready. I wanted to get over what I experienced. I wanted to get stronger. I wanted to give my time to my businesses, to me as a person, to love myself. So, well, I gave it to myself, I matured many things and overcame many things in my life, ”she recounted in September to THE SPOKESMAN, in relation to their courtship.

On August 30, Rivera publicly revealed that he had started a relationship with Carrasquillo. In early November, the couple got engaged and planned their wedding for June 2023.

“He is a man who goes out of his way for me and respects me as a woman,” he told this newspaper in September about his then partner.

Today, for the cameras of La Comay, he confirmed the break and claimed that “he has always had women.”

Maripily reveals that she suffers from anxiety attacks due to blackouts on the island

The security guard of the condominium where Maripily resides confirmed that there was an argument, but did not testify that there was violence.

Rivera, who once again established residence in Puerto Rico, launched the Fit Girl and Fit Boy perfumes this year. In November, she introduced the Maripily by Roman Color eyeshadow palette.

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