Lucero and Mijares get together to do something they didn’t even do when they were married

Lucero and Mijares They have established themselves as one of the most recognized and appreciated duos in the entertainment world in Mexico, this since their romance was born during the filming of the movie “Get away with me”, in which they starred in a priceless love story in June 1987.

Despite the fact that it was not until 1997 that they got married, the famous actress and the acclaimed singer reaped year after year a chemistry that was followed by the media and by their fans, so it is easy to understand that their relationship was one of the most followed. until divorce in March of 2011this after 14 years of marriage and one of boyfriends.

Lucero and Mijares and their good relationship after the divorce

The famous ex-couple who has two children in common has been more united than many would think, because on more than one occasion they have confessed that they have mutual respect and affection despite the fact that their relationship has failed as a couple. In fact, recently she was the singer known as “America’s Sweetheart” who drew attention because through social networks she confessed what she feels about her ex-husband.

It was through a video lasting less than a minute that the beloved actress, singer and host, revealed that she is willing to defend the “Soldier of Love” because he is the man with whom she shared her life during an outstanding stage.

“I will defend him all my life and he me, because he is the father of my children, because he is the man I chose to marry and have children, with whom I fell in love, I could not talk about him,” he said regarding Emmanuel Mijares, with whom he shared more than a decade of marriage and with whom he still has a positive relationship of friendship and closeness.

After facing dozens of controversies regarding the relationship they have after their divorce 11 years ago, the famous singers recently surprised their followers by reappearing together and very smiling, this specifically began to happen in the middle of the pandemic, when both celebrities They organized a concert with their children, with which they did the “Hasta que nos se hace” tour, with which they performed in CDMX at the National Auditorium, in addition to stepping on MontereyGuadalajara, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a musical meeting that had not even taken place when both celebrities were married, because despite being asked, they never appeared together.



Lucero and Mijares: this was the sad day they announced their divorce after 14 years of marriage

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