FIFA “proves” that the ball did not come out in Japan’s goal against SpainHalftime

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The World Cup Qatar 2022 It has been characterized by being far from arbitration errors, because as never before, the VAR It has worked like a clock to enter the quite when you have to make the right decision in a play that could be otherwise closed.

In the count, everything would point to this world Cup has bordered on perfection with respect to the decisions of the whistlers, because, in addition, when it is insisted that there was a bad marking, the FIFA He has come out to demonstrate with evidence that the final determination was always the right one.

And one of those plays that could be maintained with doubts about what was resolved, is the Japan’s second goal against Spainwhich ultimately led to the triumph of the asian set 2-1.

And it is that, the television shots, including some repetitions, seemed to clarify that the ball had left the goal line before the pass to the Japanese who sent the ball to the nets; However the soccer governing body presented the shot with which he was able to verify that the ball was biting the line, which means that it remained within the pitch.

“Other cameras can offer misleading images, but based on the available evidence, the ball was not out of play”, wrote FIFA in its account of Twitter.

One could have gone

Although there were no claims of Mexiconor requests for the Nazarene to go to the VAR, in an auction of Uriel Antuna inside the box against Saudi Arabiait would appear that the sweeping defenseman makes contact with the ball with hand, even preventing him from continuing his journey towards the door. Did they check it? Is it optical illusion?

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