Chivas fans explode against the directive at the launch of the new jersey: And the reinforcements?

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The Guadalajara team presented one of the most anticipated jerseys for what it caused at least two decades ago, but everything indicates that it did not go down well with the fans.

Chivahermanos launch again against directive
© PUMAChivahermanos launch again against directive

More than 50 days have passed without a single reinforcement for Club Guadalajara for the Clausura 2023 Tournament and although the sports director, Fernando Hierro already explained the reasons clearly, the launch of a new jersey was the perfect moment for the fans to express their disagreement, because a few weeks ago they also presented a commemorative shirt.

From September to December, the Sacred Flock has boasted three new jerseys since the Independence of Mexico was commemorated, with a shade of green, piping in white with shorts and socks in red, later they announced an anniversary for the 20 years since Jorge Vergara took over the reins of the institution in 2002 and now this new one that is a remake than the Nike brand did two decades ago.

This has annoyed the chivahermanos, who attacked the leadership headed by Amaury Vergara that it has not hired reinforcements, but it does launch new shirts, this before the trip to Spain for the two friendly games against Getafe on December 8 and on December 11 against Athletic Bilbao that will serve the technician Veljko Paunović to outline the line-up with which they will start the new campaign in January.

In the publication where Guadalajara showed the new jersey that is in blue and red colors with vertical stripes and a blank tone, the fans responded by expressing their discomfort at the situation that is taking place just over a month before it starts the new campaign and 14 days after they begin their participation in the Sky Cup with teams from the Liga MX.

Poll What do you think of the new Chivas jersey?

What do you think of the new Chivas jersey?

I don’t know, but they are all very expensive

It’s cute, but it’s not worth buying


However, a few days ago the sports director, Fernando Hierro clarified that the lack of reinforcements is due to the fact that the Serbian coach is analyzing all the elements with whom he has to find out what pieces he needs on the squad, although later, in an interview with the journalist Fernando Schwartz, he also revealed that the transfer market has become complicated for the Flock due to the development of the World Cup, so the signings are expected until after Qatar which concludes on December 18.







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