Andrés García would be taken on a stretcher to a notary, they say

Apparently, the Dominican actor would have decided to make some changes to his will, or at least that is what they suggest after they reported, Andrés García would be taken to the notary on a stretcher.

In the midst of the delicate state of health of the interpreter of “Chanoc“, “Pedro N@vajas” among other tapes, who suffers from complications of liver cirrhosis and other severe conditions, the famous 81-year-old would be transferred to the offices of a notary located in Coyoacán, it transpired.

According to reports from Fernando Nolasco, former assistant to Andrés García’s stepson, who shared that the “nationalized mexican” would have modified the ownership of their properties, he assured TvNotas.

In the middle of an interview he had with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the former assistant of Andrés López Portillo, son of Margarita Portillo, (histrión’s wife) who apparently have been in the health care of the also youtuberconfirmed that it was two months ago when García was taken to this instance.

Although the informant clarified that he no longer provides his services for Margarita’s son, he affirms that there is a close person who told him about this fact, and also added Leonardo’s father, Andres Jr., and Andrea García, “he was in poor condition” .

“Yes, they took him on a stretcher, Mr. Andrés was sick, they took him to a notary there in Coyoacán to have him sign… I don’t know, maybe it was the sale of the castle, the ranch, this approximately two months ago and medium”, confirmed the former employee.

It was just a few days ago in the midst of the recent family disputes between the actor of series like “the panther“, “Los Simuladores”, etc., and their children, particularly Leonardo García, who assured that the son of Margarita Portillo would have sold “El Castillo”, property of his father.

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Likewise, Andrés García would confess to Leonardo that his stepson would not have communicated with him and would only have given him a jeep and a million pesos, the son of Sandra Vale and Andrés shared with the entertainment journalist.


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