Orbelín Pineda uncovers those who trembled to play with El Tri, they shrunk in the World Cup

Pineda uncovers the problems in El Tri
Pineda uncovers the problems in El Tri

Not only was it enough with the errors of Gerardo Martino within the Mexican team, also the issue of the grid in the internal and the troubles that this represented for the national team, all because of the way in which they were eliminated in the World Cup.

Orbelin Pineda He was one of the few who did speak after the athletes left the concentration site where the selected mexican and released the issue, division, power struggle and above all, lack of support.

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This is how the Magician did not hold back anything and I do point to the issue of the structural and disciplinary problems that the Tri has, which caused the group to break up and that there is no real argument to try to change things.

Who would have been the groups that divided?

In El Tri it is clear that there was an elite group, or the Sacred cows, while the other group was made up of the kids. Here everything began to fall, because Martino prioritized the comforts for the untouchables.

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