FIFA explains why the controversial Japanese goal against Spain was valid

During the match between Japan and Spain, the controversy arose over the second goal of the ‘Samurais’, it seemed that the ball had left the field of play; However, it was reviewed in the VAR that said so much, considering it good, something that did not stop the controversy surrounding that meeting.

One day after that match in the group stage of Qatar 2022, FIFA published on social networks the explanation of why the Japanese goal was considered valid.the same with which they qualified to the next phase as well as the Spanish.

On its Twitter account, the highest body of world soccer published a couple of videos. In the first they explained that video arbitration technology and the line camera were used to determine if the ball completely went out of bounds.

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VAR reviewed Japan’s second goal in their victory 2-1 win over Spain to determine if the ball had gone out of play.

“The referees of the video game used the images from the camera of the goal line to check if the ball was still partially on the line or not”.

Subsequently, they indicated in a second video that there were several television shots that could be misleading, but with the evidence that FIFA had, it was indicated that the ball never completely left the field.

Other cameras can offer misleading images, but according to the available evidence, the ball was not out of play”, was what FIFA assured.

With the victory of the Japanese on the last day of Group E, they managed to sneak into the round of 16, a result that helped the Spanish to qualify; however, they depended on what happened on the other front: Costa Rica and Germany, who were left out.

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